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About Us

•  Recently announced as high-tech consultancy & System Integration firm in 2014.

•  Covers the MEA region network and ensure a reliable service by local support.

•  Offers a mix international experience by Middle Eastern Experts.

•  Integrates & delivers successful consulting and integrated technology services.

•  Build clinical workflows for high tech and sophisticated healthcare facilities along with steering committees and decision makers.

•  Represents high tech technology vendors to compliment our market offerings to critical care environments.


•  Committed to innovation, excellence & customer satisfaction.

•  Delivers the required services in the best proper way.

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Our Mission

Our Services

Consulting Services:

•  Conducting Feasibility Studies

•  Creating Medical Layouts

•  Building Workflows and organizational Hierarchy for health facility

•  Creating Shop Drawings & Single Line Diagrams

•  Optimization/Utilization and distribution of infrastructure, medical furniture, connectivity points and medical equipments to match the available space/area.

•  Creating proper designs and rooms layouts to match the purpose that they were constructed for and get a proper approval from authorities for them.

Procurement Services:

•  Proper procurement for electrical modules

•  Proper procurement for construction materials

•  Proper procurement for medical furniture

•  Proper procurement for Non-medical furniture

•  Proper procurement for medical equipments

•  Proper procurement for IT equipments

•  Proper procurement for communication equipments

•  Proper procurement for mechanical modules

•  Proper procurement for medical gases

Medical Consultation
Hospital Corridor

Our Products

•  Low Current Systems

•  Nurse Call Systems

•  Clock Systems

•  Patients Entertainment Systems

•  RTLS & Baby Tagging

•  Medical Furniture: Turnkey projects/Direct Purchase/Itemized Purchase


•  Medical Equipments: Turnkey projects/ projects/Direct Purchase/Itemized Purchase

•  Mobility and EMR/HIS integration

•  Medical Devices Integration, PDMS, CDAS and TeleICU Solutions.

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