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Medical Team

Techno Arm WLL


Digitalization & Automation

1.   Connecting Medical Solutions together with each other.

2.   Connecting and integrating healthcare and non-healthcare solutions to one platform.

3.   Pushing alarms and notifications created by healthcare and non-healthcare solutions to dedicated tablets or to EMR platforms.

4.   Automate and mobilize data and events for patients inside hospitals to be available for the right person at the right time.

5.   Maintain a smooth clinical workflow within the healthcare facility and between care givers and patients.

6.   Elevate healthcare facilities to highest HIMMS accredited level by securing an integrated workflow as per the protocol.

7.   Creating a live tracking workflow for employees and infants within the facility.

8.   Integrating a passive tracking workflow for assets and hygiene for infection control protocols that will be monitored by management.

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"By helping us to be more productive, technology lets us to spend less time focusing on survival, and more on solving other challenges."

Bill Gates

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